Valorant Drops Patch 8.05 Along with Scottish Controller Clove

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It’s here! The super hyped Valorant agent 25, now called Clove, just dropped today for all you players in the Asia Pacific region with the 8.05 patch. And you know the drill – you can snag Clove by grinding through her agent contract, doing missions, and playing matches. Or, if you’re feeling a bit impatient, you can just buy her contract outright for about 1000 Valorant Points.

Clove was introduced during the epic showdown between Sentinels and Gen.G at the VCT Masters in Madrid as Valorant’s first non-binary agent, adding a playful yet mysterious vibe to the game. Hailing from Scotland, Clove brings a unique twist to the table with their manipulation of life energy, promising an exciting new dynamic to the Valorant universe.

This Scottish troublemaker joins the fray as part of Episode 8 Act II, which launched on March 5. As a controller, Clove brings smoke and area of effect abilities to the table, but don’t be fooled – their skill set is tailor-made for those who like to engage in a hard battle.

Let’s break down Clove’s arsenal:

  • Ruse (E): Equip it to get a tactical bird’s-eye view of the battlefield. Launch clouds from select spots to block vision, even after you’ve met your demise.
  • Meddle (Q): Toss out a fragment of immortality, sapping the health of enemies caught in the blast radius after a brief delay.
  • Pick Me Up: Clove’s signature move. Bagging a kill or landing damage on an enemy before their demise grants Clove a temporary health and haste boost.
  • Not Dead Yet (X – Ultimate): Clove’s last resort to fight back the opponents. Activate it upon your untimely demise to respawn, but be quick – securing a kill or assist within a set time frame makes the resurrection permanent.

Playing as Clove means embracing a more aggressive style while still supporting your team. Coordinate smoke placements with your squad and strategize for those game-changing self-resurrection setups. As the agent’s gameplay designer, Dan Hardison, puts it, “Playing as Clove is all about playing with fire – taking calculated risks and sacrificing yourself for the greater good to turn the tide in your favor.”

So team up, communicate, and master those synergies to unleash the full potential of this hybrid duelist agent. It’s time to spice up your Valorant matches with a dash of Clove!

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