Sentinels Claims First Major Title in Three Years at VCT Masters Madrid

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In a gripping showdown this morning, North American powerhouse Sentinels clinched the first major title in three years, besting Asia Pacific’s formidable contender, Gen.G, in a thrilling grand final clash at VCT Masters Madrid. The victory not only reaffirmed Sentinels’ dominance as a global Valorant powerhouse but also saw it pocket the coveted $250,000 first-place prize, with Gen.G and Paper Rex securing $100,000 and $65,000 respectively for their efforts.

Masters Madrid witnessed the triumphant return of Tyson “TenZ” Van Ngo, a revered figure in Valorant’s burgeoning scene, to the forefront of major VCT events. Additionally, it provided a stage for the emergence of Zachary “Zekken” Patrone, who shone brightly in the grand final.

Fresh off their recent triumph at VCT Americas Kickoff, Sentinels maintained their winning momentum, dominating the Swiss stage alongside Gen.G with an unblemished record. The playoffs, however, presented formidable challenges, as the latter outsmarted the team, leading to a thrilling lower bracket final clash against PRX. Yet, true to its name, Sentinels rose to the occasion, overcoming all odds to face Gen.G once more in a climactic showdown.

The grand final unfolded as a spectacle of strategic prowess and unwavering determination. Gen.G seized an early advantage in Game 1 on Breeze, propelled by a standout performance from Kim “Karon” Won-tae. Despite a fiercely contested battle resulting in an 8-8 stalemate, Gen.G’s relentless pressure ultimately secured them a 13-8 victory.

Sentinels swiftly retaliated in Game 2 on Bind, although not without facing significant resistance. Despite initially commanding a 10-7 lead, Sentinels was pushed to the brink by a resurgent Gen.G, leading to a nail-biting overtime showdown. In a display of sheer skill and determination, TenZ spearheaded Sentinels to a hard-fought 14-12 victory.

The ensuing maps saw both teams locked in fierce competition. Gen.G surged ahead on Ascent, securing a crucial 13-8 win, only to face a resilient Sentinels response on Split, resulting in a tense 13-10 victory, forcing the series into a decisive showdown on Icebox.

The initial exchanges were nothing short of electrifying, with both Sentinels and Gen.G locking horns in an intense battle for supremacy. In the opening ten rounds, neither side relented, trading blows tit-for-tat as they sought to gain the upper hand. Initially seizing a 2-0 lead, the Reds found its early advantage slipping as Gen.G strategically targeted TenZ and Zekken, clawing their way back to a 3-2 lead.

Yet, the momentum swings were far from over. Both teams maintained a blistering pace, refusing to yield an inch as the scoreboard knotted at 5-5. With tensions reaching a boiling point, many braced themselves for the prospect of another grueling overtime.

However, it was a moment of sheer brilliance from Sentinels’ dynamic duo, Mohamed “johnqt” Amine and Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, that proved to be the turning point. Surging ahead to a 7-5 advantage before the halftime break, Sentinels unleashed a relentless onslaught in the second half, leaving Gen.G scrambling to respond.

Despite their best efforts, the South Korean contenders found themselves outmaneuvered and outclassed as Sentinels executed a flawless game plan, culminating in a decisive 13-6 victory to seal their triumphant ascent to glory.

This historic triumph elevates Sentinels alongside Fnatic as the only teams boasting two international LAN titles within the major VCT circuit. Furthermore, it marks a significant milestone for both TenZ and Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi, who now claim two international VCT titles each. Tenz earned his first Masters title in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 2021 while Sacy won VCT Champions in Istanbul, Turkey, back in 2022 during his tenure with Loud.

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