About Us

We are a group of esports enthusiasts with a strong background in mainstream journalism. Led by our chief editor Marc Lim and managing editor Aaron Low, we strive to provide the best-in-class coverage of all things esports. From business news to personalities and gameplay updates, we are on the hunt for news that you can use. From Dota 2 to League of Legends and Valorant, you can find the ultimate esports and gaming news on and for Asia at Ulti.Asia.

Marc “BigKnows” Lim

Marc was the former Sports Editor and News Editor at The Straits Times and covered major sporting events like the Fifa World Cup and the Olympics. An aspiring athlete in his younger days, his biggest regret was that esports was not around then for him to pursue. He reckons he would have preferred battling it out in Dota in his room over slogging it out on a football field. He has not entirely given up hope of experiencing life in professional sports. He is banking hopes on his two sons, six and four, to take their talent in Zooba and translate it to more lucrative MOBA games. No pressure boys!

Aaron “Jaazy” Low

Aaron has been a gamer since he was in primary school, starting with Mario and Double Dragons. He moved on to worse games such as Warcraft and the first version of Dota. Sadly, nothing worked for him. So instead of beating the best, he decided to write about the rest and started a career in journalism. More recently, his gaming tendencies have been reduced to playing Pokemon Sword with his kids. But he still occasionally logs into Dota and MLBB to get thrashed.