Paper Rex Welcomes Jinggg Back with a Contract Renewal

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In an unexpected twist, Paper Rex has welcomed back the talented Singaporean player, Wang β€œJinggg” Jie, into its Valorant lineup. Jinggg is now gearing up to compete in the upcoming VCT Pacific League 2024, scheduled from April 6 to May 24, 2024. This comeback sees Cahya β€œMonyet” Nugroho taking a seat on the bench.

This marks Jinggg’s return to the competitive Valorant scene after a break of over three months. Following his impressive performance at the VCT Champions in Los Angeles, USA, back in August 2023, the 20-year-old announced his temporary retirement as he was expected to register for national service duty earlier this year. However, before his departure, he briefly joined his teammates as a reserve player at the Afreeca TV Valorant League held in Seoul, South Korea, in December 2023.

Shortly after Jinggg’s announcement, Paper Rex recruited Monyet from Global Esports in September 2023 to fill the gap during Jinggg’s mandatory military service. During his time with PRX, Monyet managed to secure commendable results, finishing as the runner-up in VCT APAC Kickoff 2024 and clinching third place in VCT Masters Madrid. Despite these achievements, PRX fans remain skeptical of Monyet’s performance. Many have pointed out disparities in consistency between Monyet and Jinggg, casting doubt on whether he can truly match the standard set by his predecessor.

Initially met with confusion, PRX’s decision to reinstate Jinggg was clarified in a recent report. It was revealed that due to a lifelong medical condition managed with ongoing treatment, Jinggg was deemed unfit for any form of service, allowing him to return to competitive Valorant with PRX.

PRX has affirmed that Jinggg’s medical condition doesn’t hinder his ability to compete at the highest level of esports. In a show of commitment, the organization has extended Jinggg’s contract, securing his stay until the end of the 2026 season.

β€œWe were always prepared for the possibility of Jing Jie having to register for military service. Plans to maintain our Valorant roster’s competitive edge had been in motion since the beginning of 2023. However, we’re incredibly fortunate that recent developments allow Jing Jie to continue competing with us. Naturally, we’re thrilled and are diligently working to ensure all of Jing Jie’s paperwork is in order to get him back in the game as swiftly as possible,” explained PRX’s chief gaming officer, Harley β€œdsn” Γ–rvall.

With all six players in the squad, head coach Alexandre β€œalecks” SallΓ© now has the ideal opportunity to fine-tune the W-gaming formula and explore new approaches ahead of the VCT Pacific League 2024. With the flexibility of Monyet and Jason β€œf0rsaken” Susanto, PRX boasts a lineup poised to keep its opponents guessing in every match.

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