Blizzard’s Double DDoS Attack Leaves Players Frustrated and Annoyed

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After a long, tiring week, you’ve plopped on your computer chair, all too ready to take a well-deserved break with Diablo 4. You can’t wait to tackle a Nightmare Dungeon and level up your Glyph, or farm some resources to make your dream armour… but then your game takes forever to log you in or, worse, you get an ominous error message.

For many Diablo 4 fans, this is exactly what happened over the weekend ­­– not just once, but twice. The fiasco started on Sunday, when players started getting disconnected from the always-online game, losing potentially significant game progress.

Blizzard’s official Twitter account soon identified the login issues as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. DDoS attacks are a cyber-attack wherein the perpetrator floods a system to exhaust its resources and slow it down.

The DDoS attack also affected Blizzard’s other games like World of Warcraft, as well as their online match-making system Battle.net.

The problem was fixed shortly, and players could get back into the game ­– until Blizzard’s system faced another DDoS attack just four hours later, which was fixed in the same hour.

Many players were understandably upset at the interruptions to the life service game, and some took the chance to ask for an offline mode ­– a long-requested feature of the game.

Currently, Blizzard has not responded to calls for an offline mode.

But now that the systems are up and running for good (hopefully), players can start grinding their way through Diablo 4 again! It may not be as satisfying as a binge-playing the game through the entire weekend, but it will have to do.

For those still having difficulties logging in, you can refer to Blizzard’s troubleshooting instructions – or just check out their Twitter page lest the servers are experiencing yet another DDoS attack.
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