Fnatic Onic Clinches Historic Quadruple in MPL ID Season 13

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Fnatic Onic made history by becoming the first team in the MLBB Pro League to clinch four consecutive titles, delivering a commanding performance against Evos Glory in the Grand Finals of MPL ID Season 13 last night (6/9). This victory solidifies their status as the premier team in MPL ID, boasting a record six trophies and surpassing the perennial powerhouse of Indonesia, RRQ Hoshi.

Fnatic Onic’s dominance this season was evident despite making only one lineup change, replacing Muhammad “Butss” Sanubari with Lutpi “Lutpii” Ardianto. Their prowess proved unmatched in the highly competitive Indonesian league. And not even Evos Glory, which improved really well in the past weeks, could crack the winning formula of The Yellow Hedgehog army in the best-of-seven series.

The Grand Finals kicked off with a surprising aggressive push from Evos Glory, catching Fnatic Onic off guard. However, as the game approached its late stages, a blunder by Evos Glory paved the way for Fnatic Onic’s mid laner Gilang “Sanz” to orchestrate a comeback, securing the first game victory at the 16-minute mark.

Unfazed by their earlier mistakes, Evos Glory maintained their aggressive strategy in game 2 and once again came close to clinching a win. However, Fnatic Onic’s patience paid off as they regained map control and closed out the game at the 20-minute mark. Game 3 followed a similar script, highlighted by an impressive performance from Lutpi.

Facing match point, Fnatic Onic opted for an aggressive draft, with ace Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol on Ling. However, the diminished effectiveness of assassin heroes in the current meta clearly hampered Kairi’s performance. Evos Glory capitalized on this, shutting down Kairi’s movements early and dominating the map to secure a surprising win in just 16 minutes and 20 seconds in game 4.

In game 5, Fnatic Onic sought a quick finish, applying intense early-game pressure on Evos Glory’s key players, Adriansyah “Claw Kun” Baihaqi and the wonderkid Junisen “Anavel” Young Lo. Evos Glory, however, was patiently waiting for Fnatic Onic to slip up. Their counter tactics paid off with a hard-fought victory after a 21-minute battle, bringing the score to 3-2.

The crowd at the Jakarta International Velodrome was on the edge of their seats, eagerly hoping for an Evos Glory comeback in game 6 to keep the thrilling series alive. But Fnatic Onic had enough of it. Sticking to their aggressive early-game tactics, they displayed ruthless efficiency, swiftly dismantling Evos Glory in just 15 minutes. With this decisive win, Fnatic Onic secured the championship with a 4-2 series victory.

Fnatic Onic’s victory comes with a prize of USD 74,338, along with several prestigious individual awards, including Calvin “CW” Winata being named MVP of the final match.

But the excitement doesn’t end here for Indonesian MLBB fans, as both Fnatic Onic and Evos Glory will compete in the MSC 2024 at the Esports World Cup 2024 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this July. With a prize pool three times larger than the M Series, MSC 2024 promises to be the hottest MLBB competition of the year.

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