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It’s finally time: Kafka’s banner is coming.

Ever since the game’s launch, Honkai Star Rail players have been foaming at the mouth in anticipation for her release as a playable character. Many diehard fans have even turned to affectionately calling her “mother” since she is literally the first face the Trailblazer MC sees upon being birthed into the sci-fi universe as well as the tutorial character the game uses to teach its mechanics–there are other reasons for the nickname as well but that is not the point of this article. 

Here’s a quick guide on how you can build your soon-to-be-home Kafka:

Light Cone

Source: HoYoverse

As per tradition when it comes to limited 5-star characters, Kafka’s ideal Light Cone would be her signature one available in the Light Cone Event Warp (which runs alongside her Character Event Warp): Patience is All You Need. This weapon allows Kafka to deal extra DMG by a set percent to enemies inflicted with DoT as well as increases her SPD by a set amount after every attack (up to five times). Enemies receiving attacks also take more DoT by a set percent for one turn.

Some good alternatives to her signature Light Cone would be:

  • In the Name of the World

The 5-star standard Light Cone option, this is just a really good weapon in general. It increases Kafka’s DMG dealt to debuffed enemies by a set percentage and when she uses her skill, her Effect Hit Rate and ATK for the move both also increase by a set percentage.

  • Fermata

A 4-star alternative that all regular players should have by now (since it’s obtainable simply by spending a total of 2600 Shields at the Underground Shop in Jarilo-VI’s Boulder Town), this literally features Kafka herself in the Light Cone art and would be pretty ironic if it wasn’t a good weapon for her. 

This Light Cone increases her Break Effect by a set percentage and increases her DMG dealt (including DoT) to enemies who’re already inflicted with Shock or Wind Shear by another set percentage. Given that she is already capable of dealing Shock to enemies, just throw in a Wind character (ideally one meant for DoT, like Sampo) and this weapon becomes a force to be reckoned with.

  • Eyes of the Prey

Speaking of Sampo, the next 4-star Light Cone that works for Kafka is the one that features the man himself. This weapon increases Kafka’s Effect Hit Rate and DoT by a set percentage. 

  • Before the Tutorial Mission Starts (bonus if you have Superimposition 5)

Here’s a bonus option for players who’ve been playing from at least the start of June 2023. The odds are pretty high that you not only have this Light Cone but also at Superimposition 5 since it was a reward that came with completing the Starhunt Game Event during Silver Wolf’s Warp Event.

This weapon can boost Kafka’s Effect Hit Rate by a set percentage and regenerates a set amount of Energy (specifically 40% and 8 respectively at Superimposition 5) whenever she attacks DEF-reduced enemies.


  • 4-piece Band of Sizzling Thunder

The ideal set for all Lightning DPS characters, this increases Lightning DMG (2-piece) and increases ATK for 1 turn after the wearer uses their Skill (4-piece).

  • 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat

A decent alternative for most DPS characters (or characters who scale off ATK), this set buffs overall ATK (2-piece) and increases SPD as well as Basic ATK DMG (4-piece).

As for Planar Ornament sets, Space Sealing Station is a solid choice as it increases Kafka’s ATK by 12% as well as an additional 12% if her SPD reaches 120 or above–which shouldn’t be too hard to attain with her signature Light Cone or some lucky Relic stats (or both combined). 

Space Sealing Station can be acquired from World 3 of Herta’s Simulated Universe

Another great choice for players who value CRIT Rate and DMG over pure ATK is Celestial Differentiator. This set increases Kafka’s CRIT DMG by 16% and if, after entering battle, her CRIT DMG reaches 120% or higher, her CRIT Rate goes up by 60% until the end of her first attack.

Celestial Differentiator can be acquired from World 5 of Herta’s Simulated Universe

Happy Warping to all Kafka-wanters! I hope everyone gets to see mother come home and that this short and sweet guide helps to set the foundation of your ideal Kafka build!

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