Valve releases new Dota 2 hero but major patch 7.33 delayed till ‘late April’

Photo of the new Dota 2 Patch 7.32e
New Dota 2 hero Muerta

Muerta is here but Dota 2 players are getting antsy, for good reason.

Valve had previously promised a patch for the game after the Lima Major. Many had expected a big one, with significant changes to the gameplay.

Instead, the company’s latest patch 7.32e was released to the sound of a wet fart. Instead of big changes, it had some tweaks to heroes and items.

And Valve had this to say:

The Dead Reckoning Update has a lot of features we’re really proud of — a new hero, item sets, a mini-game. But we get it. Many of you were hoping for Patch 7.33.

We’ve been working on an ambitious gameplay patch for a while, and we were hoping to get it done in time for this update. We’re currently aiming to release it in late April. So in the meantime, while we put the finishing touches on it, enjoy the Dead Reckoning Update and Patch 7.32e.

Already, the fanbase, led by the top players of the game, did not mince their words, with many slamming the company for the anti-climatic result.

Others pointed out that the ‘late April’ release of patch 7.33 will come just as the next Major in Berlin will happen. Valve does not typically release major patches before or during the Majors. As such, many are expecting the patch to land only in May.

Patch 7.32e ended up bringing nerfs to the most popular heroes of the Lima Major, including Lina, Treant Protector, Riki, and Broodmother, while buffing under-used heroes such as Axe, Outworld Destroyer, and Juggernaut.

The disappointment overshadows the release of the new hero Muerta, a gun-slinging intelligence based carry. And as usual, the fanbase has started to call the new hero overpowered and unbalanced.

Same old Dota 2.

Read more about patch 7.32e here.

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