Valve Wipes Out Third-Party App Abusers in the Latest Dota 2 Crackdown

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In a move that’s got the Dota 2 world buzzing, Valve has unleashed another massive ban wave, taking down over 10,000 players caught red-handed using illegal third-party software. And get this – one of the major culprits is a program called Overplus.

What’s the deal with Overplus? Well, it’s like a cheat code for your wardrobe, letting players snag any skin in Dota 2 – even the rarest ones that would normally cost a fortune. The program also lets you tinker with maps, towers, anything cosmetic inside the game. Beyond cosmetics, though, it provides an in-game analyzer, formerly known as Overwolf, which helps make quick counter picks against enemy’s drafts. For competitive gaming, this certainly gives an unfair advantage.

With Overplus running rampant, Valve finally decided enough was enough. The company threw down the gauntlet in a recent blog post, revealing they’d been secretly ramping up the Valve Anti-Cheat system.

“In keeping with this “spirit of giving” theme, we have another gift for (almost) everyone: We’ve rolled out some new cheat detection code. Well, actually, we rolled it out a few weeks back, and we’ve spent the time since accumulating quite a set of cheaters. You’ll probably notice fewer of them in your games as the automated ban waves roll out.” wrote Valve.

And just like when Valve’s team tackled smurfing a while back, they are definitely not messing around. Pro players, casual gamers, it doesn’t matter – Overplus users are all feeling the heat. Big names from every level of competition are now facing the ban hammer.

The Dota 2 community is celebrating Valve’s decisive action. Since early 2024, players have decried the unsportsmanlike edge provided by Overplus. This crackdown serves as a stark reminder: Valve is the ultimate authority in Dota 2, and their commitment to a level playing field is unwavering. Cheaters beware!

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