Paper Rex Defies Odds with Thrilling Comebacks, Secures Playoff Spot at VCT Masters Madrid

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In a riveting display of resilience and tactical prowess, the Southeast Asia’s Valorant sweetheart Paper Rex has left European fans reeling in their wake during the elimination stage of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Madrid 2024. Against the European dark horses, The Heretic and Karmine Corps, the Singaporean team orchestrated two stunning comebacks to secure a spot in the playoff stage.

Over the course of two intense days, the W-gamers had to keep up with great performances from top young talents such as Dominykas “MiniBoo” Lukasevicius and Benji “Benjifishy” Fish from The Heretics, as well as Martin “marteen” Patek and Ryad “Shin” Ensaad from Karmine Corps. Yet, they did not crack under the pressure and thrived in both series.

the PRX team off to a tough start in Sunset, with Benjifishy’s strong play putting them on the back foot. However, PRX didn’t give up and turned things around, securing a win with a score of 10-13. In the second game on Lotus, TH fought back to level the score with a 13-10 victory.

The tension rose as both teams entered the deciding game on Split. Despite the Spaniard’s early lead, PRX showed resilience and determination. With smart tactics and solid defense, PRX mounted a thrilling comeback, winning the game 7-13 and advanced to the next series.

PRX extended the winning streak in a nearly similar fashion last night against KC, facing an even tougher challenge. After winning the first game on Bind with a score of 10-13, they were outplayed by KC in the second game on Lotus, losing 13-7.

As the game entered the decider on Ascent, home team fans were optimistic as KC seemed superior until round 17th. With their backs against the wall, PRX read the situation well and shifted the momentum in their favor, pushing the game into overtime. The French had an initial advantage through an impressive gameplay from Marteen, yet PRX strategically countered their plans and staged another epic comeback with a final score of 12-14.

With the elimination of TH and KC, PRX advances to the knockout round where they’ll face off against Gen.G, another underdog contender. While both teams have displayed impressive skill and determination, Gen.G has previously emerged victorious in their encounters.

f0rsaken steals the show

In the spotlight is Jason “f0rsaken” Susanto, drawing praise from fans for his pivotal role in PRX’s epic comebacks. The 19-year-old Indonesian has showcased significant improvement since last year, demonstrating remarkable adaptability across multiple tactics. At the moment, he is standing at the top as the most flexible player in the competition, further highlighted by his successful debut on Raze against TH which contributing to PRX’s victory.

But hey, the real challenge just getting started for f0rsaken and the crew. They’re gunning for that first Masters trophy, so they’ve gotta keep their eyes on the prize and keep pushing through whatever obstacles come their way. Get ready for more wild action ahead!

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