Big Oof: Elite Performers Missing from Dota 2 The International 2024

With the conclusion of last year’s Dota 2 Pro Circuit, anticipation is building for The International 2024. Valve has promised exciting new changes to...


World Cyber Games Returns to Southeast Asia in 2024

In an eagerly awaited announcement, the renowned esports spectacle, World Cyber Gaming (WCG), has confirmed its upcoming venture to Jakarta, Indonesia. Slated to transpire...

The Finals’ Development Team Rejects Players’ Demand for Server Segregation Amidst a Massive Wave of Cheaters

Embark's new sensation, The Finals, is currently grappling with a substantial wave of cheaters, allegedly originating from a specific region.

Enter The Finals: A New, Explosive Twist on the Classic Competitive Arena Shooter

The Finals, a bold competitive shooter game from Battlefield developers, has taken the FPS scene by storm.

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iceiceice: The one to beat at Dota 2

Some call him Dota's prodigal son while others refer to him as the Lord of Offlaners. Most people just refer to him as God. Whatever your allegiance (here's looking at you SECRET and OG), you’ve got to admit — Daryl "iceiceice" Koh Pei Xiang is a class above the rest.

Singapore Major 2021 – Top 3 teams to pray for!

The DOTA 2 Singapore major held on March 27 is the most anticipated esports competition of the first quarter. Dubbed “Survivor: Singapore Island'' the participants are not only eliminated when they lose but are also forced to leave the country immediately.

Top 5 video game-inspired screen adaptations that actually didn’t suck!

Video game shows and movies receive terrible rap from both fans and the casual viewer alike, but with movies like Postal, Assassin’s Creed, and Warcraft, who can blame them? That being said, to give me some hope for the adaptation of DOTA 2’s newest Netflix series “Dragon Blood’ here are the top 5 video game-inspired series and movies that didn’t actually suck.

The newest “galaxy brain” controller that provides astronomical support

The newest and most versatile controller has entered the fray! Armed with the ability to drop not only smokes but blinds, gravity wells as well as an Ultimate wall that blocks vision, dampens audio cues and, even bullets, Astra is undoubtedly an extremely flexible and tricky character that enables big brain plays to outsmart your enemies.

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